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2023 Market Outlook

It’s a new year, which means new opportunities — and potential new challenges — for investors as we forge a path forward following 2022’s ups and downs. Our partners at Fiducient Advisors have assembled a look at the year ahead for this month’s Market Insights report, including three distinct themes they see emerging in the months (and years) to come: Persistent Volatility, Moderating Inflation, and Bear Market Bottom. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in the report: 

  • Capital market forecasts, which increased across all asset classes (fixed income, global equity, and real assets and alternatives)
  • A look at the role volatility will play as we move out of a historically low-rate environment and re-examine our investing playbooks
  • An analysis of how the Fed’s continuing efforts to moderate inflation may affect real asset allocations and the adoption of TIPS
  • A historical look at bear markets past, and what we can learn from those recoveries as they apply to our current bear environment
  • The portfolio impact of each of these themes for the year ahead

Click here to download a copy of Fiducient’s 2023 Outlook, titled “Goodbye TINA (There Is No Alternative.)

Investment Advisory Services offered through Private Wealth Asset Management, 411 6th Avenue SE, Suite 360, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401. 888-611-7926. This report is being provided for informational purposes only and should not be used as the sole basis for financial decisions, nor be construed as investment advice designed to meet the particular needs of an individual’s situation. Contact your investment advisor to discuss your specific goals and objectives.


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