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A Holistic Approach

to wealth management.

Planning that considers every angle to ensure your investments and tax strategy support and further your desired legacy.

Move Forward

with confidence and clarity.

Planning today
for a better tomorrow.

Life is ever-changing. Planning with flexibility and focus ensures that your wealth plan evolves with the anticipated and the unexpected events along the way. Starting with your unique goals, we create a holistic plan to help you move forward with confidence. At Private Wealth, your dedicated team ensures that your investments and tax strategies align with your vision for the future.


wealth planning

Lifestyle and Cash
Flow Planning

Serve your current needs and look toward future dreams:

  • Proactive projections of
    resource availability
  • Spending and sustainability analysis and implementation
  • Planning for the day-to-day, periodic, and lifelong lifestyle
  • Lifestyle planning, with an eye toward future wealth possibilities
wealth planning

Investment analysis /
asset allocation

Understand where you stand and receive recommendations to serve your unique situation:

  • Objective portfolio review to organize view of investments and asset allocations
  • Intensive strategy to protect and
    expand principal
  • Build solutions to prepare against corrosive inflation
  • Custom strategies and management to reach your specific goals
wealth planning

Asset Protection &
Risk Management

Protect what is most important to you and minimize risk to your family and investments:

  • Tax planning that aligns with your goals and priorities1
  • Utilize asset protection capabilities
    of trusts
  • Full Life/Property/Casualty and Umbrella Insurance Policy Review2
wealth planning

Estate Planning Review

Keep your house in order with a plan that evolves to fit your needs:

  • Review your current plan and discuss future goals and desired outcomes
  • Keep a second set of eyes on the planning process to account for every detail
  • Create a plan that evolves with your priorities as they shift over time
wealth planning

Estate and Wealth
Transfer Strategies

Preserve your legacy and ensure your wishes are implemented:

  • Analysis and education of the options
  • Determine which pathway aligns with your priorities
  • Coordinate with legal counsel and
    tax advisors
  • Craft a customized, holistic plan to fit your unique needs and priorities
  • Prepare beneficiaries to manage and preserve wealth and your legacy
wealth planning

Philanthropic Strategies

Make a plan that extends your reach and positive contributions to the communities and causes you are passionate about:

  • Understand charitable goals
    and intentions
  • Realize and implement giving strategies
  • Maximize impact to the causes you care about most
wealth planning

Family Dynamics

Bring your family together and set expectations for the future stewardship of wealth in alignment with your family’s core values:

  • Establish educational process to guide the next generation
  • Craft family mission statement to unite individuals around core family values
  • Develop communication and
    continuity plans
Wendy Brekken

Meet our
wealth specialist.

Wendy Brekken

Chief Wealth Planning Officer

With a decade of experience as an estate planning attorney, and nearly as long in private wealth planning, Wendy brings empathy and a detailed approach to helping clients plan for the future. She works alongside high-net-worth individuals and families to develop and implement estate and wealth transfer strategies, business transition plans, and charitable giving. Wendy holds a Juris Doctor and nearly 20 years advising clients on sophisticated planning techniques and strategies, while staying focused on what is most important to those individuals and families. When away from the office, Wendy enjoys spending time with family and friends, enjoying time outdoors (even in the winter), and travel.

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