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Celebrating Two Trailblazing Years of Private Wealth Asset Management

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As we mark the significant milestone of our second anniversary, it’s hard to believe just how much we’ve accomplished in a short span. It feels like only yesterday we were taking our first steps as an independent entity, focused on providing unparalleled wealth management services to successful individuals, families and non-profit organizations. While we never stop pursuing our ambitious goals, this is an important time to reflect on our remarkable achievements:

  • We’ve grown to a formidable team of over 40 dedicated professionals. 
  • We’ve worked tirelessly to oversee an impressive $1.75 billion in assets under management (AUM).  
  • We’ve expanded our physical footprint, with now eight office locations strategically established in the communities we serve and cherish. 
  • In the past six months, we’ve had the privilege of expanding into St. Louis and welcoming two distinguished senior private banking veterans who, between them, have managed roughly $1 billion in AUM. 
  • Shortly after, we welcomed a private bank team in Omaha, which managed a staggering $1.9 billion in AUM. These additions speak volumes about our growth trajectory and ambitions for the future. 
  • We’ve built an effective model where each of our teams is led by an advisor-owner of the firm. These owners drive the firm’s focus on our clients and ensure that satisfying their needs is always paramount.

Thanks to the experience and talents of our team, we have dedicated advisors specializing in philanthropy; business transition planning; oil, gas and real estate management; and wealth planning, as well as a focus on our rising generation. We also provide skilled money management services and have been trusted to manage generations of wealth for some of our client families.

We’re proud of these accomplishments, but we’re even prouder of the relationships we’ve built. These connections ensure that we understand your unique needs and aspirations, which fuels our commitment to crafting personalized financial solutions. 

In closing, I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the determined spirit of our team, our wonderful clients and our communities. It’s your trust and support that has been the foundation for all we’ve achieved at Private Wealth Asset Management.  

If you haven’t yet explored all Private Wealth offers as an independent fiduciary and multi-family office, now is the perfect time. Reach out and discover the essence of what makes Private Wealth truly special. We’re here, waiting to usher in another successful year together!

Investment Advisory Services offered through Private Wealth Asset Management, 1901 Howard Street, Suite 312 Omaha, Nebraska 68102. 888-611-7926. This report is being provided for informational purposes only and should not be used as the sole basis for financial decisions, nor be construed as investment advice designed to meet the particular needs of an individual’s situation. Contact your investment advisor to discuss your specific goals and objectives.


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